Chris Cornell – One by U2 vs One by Metallica

Posted by on July 9th 2018

I had always liked Soundgarden when I was growing up. I wasn’t a huge listener to them, but their songs Rusty Cage and Black Hole Sun, as well as many others, were always some of my favorites. I never really truly appreciated what Chris Cornell brought to music until he passed last year, I guess that seems to be a thing with artists. Between Soundgarden and Audioslave (super group with members from Rage Against the Machine) Chris was the voice behind a lot of songs that helped form the foundation for 90’s/2000’s rock music. Oh, can’t forget the Temple of the Dog hit Hunger Strike either, also Chris Cornell featuring Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam.

Anyways, mashups come in all shapes and sizes. With enough work you can mash just about anything together, the trick is just making it sound like they belong together. As Chris talks about in this video, he was looking up the lyrics for One by U2 as he was learning the song and happened across the lyrics for One by Metallica instead (turns out Metallica’s lyrics are more searched for on Google than U2’s version). So this just led to Chris working the Metallica lyrics into the song structure of U2’s song and this performance is the result of it. While not my favorite mashup, it’s definitely a cool one that is worth listening to. It’s always cool to listen to these different spins on songs when you have someone who is as talented as Chris Cornell getting creative. So with this Mashup Monday post, I bring Chris Cornell performing One by Metallica/U2.

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