It's a party In The USA

Since 2015, the members of Fun DMC  have entertained crowds of all-ages at a wide array of different events, including Weddings, Summer and Fall festivals, Charitable and Corporate Events, Holiday Parties and special Events, and Clubs. Given the broad range of our music, our highly-adaptable theme, and our relentless professionalism, we are an ideal choice for any event needing top-tier musical entertainment.


Three to four hours of performance time from the band.
We fill in the remainder of the time with DJ services before and after the performance as well as during any breaks. We create a list of songs (comprised of party favorites and requests of the hosts) and play them during intermissions. We strive to make sure that everyone hears their favorite song, even if it is not on the band’s active play list. We can play longer or shorter time frames as well, and often work with our hosts to create an appropriate mood for any event, and to maximize the overall enjoyment of the guests.

Full sound, lighting, and video production tailored to suit the size of the venue and group.
This includes set up, management, and removal of system, and we strive to be sensitive to volume level requirements and overall mix considerations.

Phone: 217.415.5015

Or, contact us via email below:

Mailing Address:
1024 S Walnut Street
Springfield, IL 62704