Upcoming Shows And Such

Upcoming Shows

10/18/19Springfield, ILPrivate Event
10/19/19Springfield, ILWedding
10/25/19Springfield, ILThe Curve Inn
11/01/19Springfield, ILThe Blue Grouch
11/02/19Decatur, ILSliderz Bar & Grill
11/16/19O’Fallon, MOWedding
12/07/19New Berlin, ILDanenberger Family Vineyards
12/31/19Assumption, ILCasey Williams Foundation – New Years Eve Party
01/04/20Springfield, ILThe Curve Inn
01/24/20Springfield, ILThe Blue Grouch
01/25/20Springfield, ILPrivate Event
02/08/20Hillsboro, ILPrivate Event
02/14/20Springfield, ILThe Curve Inn
03/28/20Springfield, ILThe Blue Grouch
04/18/20Springfield, ILWedding
04/25/20Jacksonville, ILPrivate Event
05/09/20Springfield, ILWedding
05/15/20Springfield, ILWedding
05/30/20Springfield, ILWedding
06/05/20Springfield, ILThe Curve Inn
06/06/20Jacksonville, ILWedding
06/13/20Springfield, ILWedding
06/27/20Springfield, ILWedding
07/11/20Springfield, ILThe Blue Grouch
08/29/20Springfield, IL Crows Mill Pub
09/05/20Auburn, ILWedding
09/25/20Springfield, ILThe Curve Inn
10/16/20Springfield, ILThe Curve Inn
10/17/20Springfield, ILWedding
10/31/20Springfield, ILThe Blue Grouch

Past Shows

10/10/19New Berlin, ILDanenberger Family Vineyards
10/05/19LaSalle, ILWedding
09/14/19Springfield, ILWedding
09/07/19Laomi, ILWedding
09/01/19Springfield, ILThe Curve Inn
08/30/19Auburn, ILLabor Day Picnic
08/10/19St Louis, MOWedding
07/04/19Athens, ILThe Boar’s Nest
06/29/19Athens, ILFourth of July Celebration
06/22/19Windsor, ILWedding
06/08/19Springfield, ILWedding
05/31/19Springfield, ILThe Curve Inn
05/17/19Springfield, ILThe Blue Grouch
04/06/19Springfield, ILWedding
03/23/19Springfield, ILWedding
03/16/19Springfield, ILThe Curve Inn
03/02/19Athens, ILThe Boar’s Nest
03/01/19Springfield, ILThe Blue Grouch
02/23/19Quincy, ILMardi Gras at South Side Boat Club
02/03/19Springfield, ILElegant Bridal Expo
01/12/19Springfield, ILPrivate Event
01/06/19Peoria, ILElegant Bridal Expo
12/31/18Athens, ILThe Boar’s Nest
12/28/18Springfield, ILThe Blue Grouch
12/14/18Springfield, ILPrivate Event
12/08/18Springfield, ILThe Upside Down
12/07/18Springfield, ILThe Upside Down
11/03/18Springfield, ILPrivate Event
10/20/18Springfield, ILWedding
10/19/18Springfield, ILPrivate Event
10/12/18Springfield, ILThe Blue Grouch
09/22/18Springfield, ILWedding
09/16/18Springfield, ILColor Me Radd After Party
09/15/18Dieterich, ILPrivate Event
09/02/18Springfield, ILThe Curve Inn
09/01/18Springfield, ILWedding
08/26/18Springfield, ILElegant Bridal Expo
08/24/18Springfield, ILCrows Mill Pub
08/19/18Decatur, ILFirst Christian Church
08/18/18Springfield, ILIllinois State Fair Coors Light Stage
08/15/18Springfield, ILIllinois State Fair Miller Light Tent
08/12/18Springfield, ILIllinois State Fair Miller Light Tent
08/11/18Rockville, INPrivate Event
08/03/18Athens, ILThe Boar’s Nest
07/28/18Springfield, ILThe Curve Inn
07/21/18Chatham, ILChatham Sweet Corn Festival
07/21/18Springfield, ILDowntown Bike Night
07/20/18Bloomington, ILPrivate Event
07/15/18Springfield, ILPrivate Event
07/14/18Springfield, ILWedding
07/07/18Chatham, ILRow Raiser Charity Event
07/06/18Springfield, ILThe Blue Grouch
07/04/18Decatur, ILShake The Lake Fourth of July Fest
07/01/18Springfield, ILLakeside Christian Church
06/30/18Springfield, ILWedding
06/22/18Athens, ILThe Boar’s Nest
06/02/18Springfield, ILLegacy of Giving Music Festival
06/01/18Virginia, ILVirginia Bar-B-Que
05/27/18Springfield, ILThe Blue Grouch
05/24/18Springfield, ILThe Upside Down
05/19/18Springfield, ILPrideFest
05/19/18Springfield, ILKomen Springfield Race for the Cure
05/18/18Decatur, ILLock Stock & Barrel
05/05/18Springfield, ILLa Fiesta Grande
04/28/18Springfield, ILThe Alamo
04/26/18Springfield, ILMowie’s Cue
04/10/18Springfield, ILPrivate Event
04/07/18Springfield, ILWedding
03/16/18Springfield, ILPrivate Event
03/09/18Springfield, ILThe Blue Grouch
03/03/18Springfield, ILWedding
02/17/18Athens, ILThe Boar’s Nest
02/16/18Springfield, ILMowie’s Cue
02/10/18Quincy, ILMardi Gras at South Side Boat Club
02/09/18Jacksonville, ILPrivate Event
02/02/18Springfield, ILLong Bridge Golf Club
02/01/18St. Louis, MOPrivate Event
01/30/18St. Louis, MOPrivate Event
01/28/18Springfield, ILElegant Bridal Expo
01/21/18Bloomington, ILElegant Bridal Expo
01/20/18Springfield, ILPrivate Event
12/31/17Springfield, ILThe Blue Grouch
12/16/17Springfield, ILThe Alamo
12/08/17Springfield, ILChristmas At The Curve
12/02/17Le Roy, ILTailGaters Pub
11/25/17Springfield, ILWedding
11/22/17Springfield, ILMowie’s Cue
11/05/17Nashville, TNWedding
10/28/17Athens, ILThe Boar’s Nest
10/27/17Springfield, ILMowie’s Cue
10/26/17Springfield, ILBank of Springfield Center
10/21/17Springfield, ILWedding
10/20/17Springfield, ILLong Bridge Golf Club
10/14/17Springfield, ILPrivate Event
10/13/17Springfield, ILWeebles
10/08/17Springfield, ILLake Press Club
10/07/17Springfield, ILWedding
09/29/17Springfield, ILMowie’s Cue
09/23/17Springfield, ILWedding
09/22/17Athens, ILThe Boar’s Nest
09/17/17Pana, ILWedding
09/16/17Petersburg, ILHarvest Fest
09/06/17Springfield, ILPrivate Event
09/03/17Springfield, ILThe Curve Inn
09/02/17Springfield, ILWedding
08/27/17Springfield, ILElegant Bridal Expo
08/26/17Springfield, ILWedding
08/21/17New Berlin, ILDanenberger Family Vineyards
08/20/17Bloomington, ILElegant Bridal Expo
08/19/17Springfield, ILWedding
08/17/17Springfield, ILIllinois State Fair Coors Light Stage
08/15/17Springfield, ILIllinois State Fair Coors Light Stage
08/12/17Decatur, ILPrivate Event
08/11/17Springfield, ILPrivate Event
08/05/17Decatur, ILDecatur Celebration
08/04/17Champaign, ILMemphis on Main
07/29/17Springfield, ILMesa County Fair
07/28/17Springfield, ILThe Blue Grouch
07/22/17Springfield, ILBank of Springfield Center
07/04/17Jacksonville, ILFourth of July Blast
07/01/17Athens, ILFourth of July Celebration
06/30/17Springfield, ILPrivate Event
06/24/17Assumption, ILWedding
06/23/17Carrollton, ILGreene County Fair
06/16/17Springfield, ILFireFighters Postal Lake Club
06/11/17Springfield, ILPrivate Event
06/10/17Springfield, ILWedding
06/03/17Springfield, ILLegacy of Giving Music Festival
05/28/17Springfield, ILThe Blue Grouch
05/19/17Springfield, ILFox 55/27 Good Day Marketplace
05/19/17Springfield, ILKomen Springfield Race for the Cure
05/13/17Springfield, ILWedding
05/12/17Springfield, ILFat Ass 5k
05/08/17Decatur, ILPrivate Event
05/06/17Springfield, ILWedding
05/05/17Athens, ILThe Boar’s Nest
04/22/17Springfield, ILWedding
04/20/17Springfield, ILWDBR On Air w/Julie Jacobs & DJ Blake
04/14/17Champaign, ILMemphis on Main
04/08/17Taylorville, ILY-Zoe’s
04/06/17Springfield, ILThe Curve Inn
03/18/17Springfield, ILThe Blue Grouch
03/04/17Springfield, ILPrivate Event
02/11/17Springfield, ILMowie’s Cue
02/10/17Jacksonville, ILPrivate Event
01/22/17Bloomington, ILElegant Bridal Expo
01/08/17Springfield, ILElegant Bridal Expo
01/06/17Springfield, ILThe Blue Grouch
12/31/16Athens, ILThe Boar’s Nest
12/03/16Springfield, ILWedding
12/02/16Springfield, ILMowie’s Cue
12/01/16Springfield, ILChristmas At The Curve
11/25/16Springfield, ILThe Blue Grouch
11/19/16Athens, ILThe Boar’s Nest
11/12/16Bloomington, ILPrivate Event
11/11/16Springfield, ILPrivate Event
11/10/16Springfield, ILPrivate Event
11/05/16Springfield, ILMowie’s Cue
10/29/16Springfield, ILPrivate Event
10/22/16Springfield, ILWedding
10/21/16Springfield, ILThe Curve Inn
10/08/16Springfield, ILWedding
10/02/16Springfield, ILThe Blue Grouch
10/01/16Taylorville, ILY-Zoe’s
09/24/16Springfield, ILWedding
09/17/16Springfield, ILWedding
09/10/16Springfield, ILThe Blue Grouch
09/07/16Springfield, ILPrivate Event
09/03/16Springfield, ILPrivate Event
08/28/16Springfield, ILElegant Bridal Expo
08/27/16Springfield, ILPrivate Event
08/17/16Springfield, ILIllinois State Fair Coors Light Stage
08/16/16Springfield, ILIllinois State Fair Coors Light Stage
08/05/16Springfield, ILThe Curve Inn
07/23/16Springfield, ILWedding
07/04/16Jacksonville, ILFourth of July Blast
07/02/16Springfield, ILCapital City Celebration
06/26/16Ivanhoe, ILPrivate Event
06/24/16Springfield, ILThe Blue Grouch
06/18/16Springfield, ILThe Curve Inn
06/11/16Springfield, ILThe Curve Inn
06/05/16Springfield, ILLittle Big Time Music Festival
05/29/16Springfield, ILWedding
05/28/16Springfield, ILWedding
05/14/16Springfield, ILThird Base Sports Bar
05/13/16Chatham, ILGlenwood Middle School Dance
05/12/16Springfield, ILThe Curve Inn
04/22/16Springfield, ILThe Blue Grouch
04/02/16Springfield, ILMowie’s Cue
03/26/16Taylorville, ILY-Zoe’s
03/18/16Springfield, ILBrewhaus
03/12/16Champaign, ILMemphis on Main
03/05/16Athens, ILThe Boar’s Nest
02/20/16Springfield, ILThe Curve Inn
02/13/16Springfield, ILThe Blue Grouch
01/10/16Springfield, ILElegant Bridal Expo
01/09/16Taylorville, ILY-Zoe’s
12/31/15Athens, ILThe Boar’s Nest
12/12/15Springfield, ILChristmas At The Curve
12/04/15Springfield, ILThe Blue Grouch
12/03/15Springfield, ILWDBR On Air w/Julie Jacobs & DJ Blake
11/15/15Springfield, ILThe Curve Inn
11/14/15Springfield, ILMowie’s Cue
11/07/15Springfield, ILWedding
10/31/15Shelbyville, ILPrivate Event
10/17/15Athens, ILThe Boar’s Nest
10/09/15Springfield, ILThe Blue Grouch
10/03/15Illiopolis, ILUncle Monkey’s
09/19/15Taylorville, ILY-Zoe’s
09/12/15Palestine, ILPrivate Event
08/30/15Springfield, ILSouthside Christian Church Big Block Bash
08/23/15Springfield, ILElegant Bridal Expo
08/19/15Springfield, ILIllinois State Fair Coors Light Stage
08/18/15Springfield, ILIllinois State Fair Coors Light Stage
08/15/15Decatur, ILWedding
08/08/15Springfield, ILThird Base Sports Bar
07/25/15Springfield, ILMesa County Fair
07/18/15Decatur, ILPrivate Event
07/17/15Springfield, ILThe Curve Inn
07/11/15Springfield, ILMowie’s Cue
07/04/15Springfield, ILWeebles
06/20/15Decatur, ILBottom’s Up
06/19/15Springfield, ILLong Bridge Golf Club
06/13/15Peoria, ILMartini’s
06/12/15Farmersville, ILIrish Days
06/06/15Shelbyville, ILWedding
05/23/15Springfield, ILWeebles
05/22/15Chatham, ILGlenwood Middle School Dance
05/14/15Springfield, ILWDBR On Air w/Julie Jacobs & DJ Blake
05/09/15Springfield, ILThe Curve Inn
05/02/15Springfield, ILThe Blue Grouch
04/18/15New Berlin, ILWedding
04/11/15Springfield, ILThe Curve Inn
04/10/15Springfield, ILFrankie’s on the Boulevard
04/04/15Athens, ILThe Boar’s Nest
03/14/15Decatur, ILBottom’s Up
02/21/15Springfield, ILMowie’s Cue
02/13/15Springfield, ILWDBR On Air w/Julie Jacobs & DJ Blake
01/24/15Springfield, ILThe Curve Inn
01/23/15Springfield, ILCrows Mill Pub
01/11/15Springfield, ILElegant Bridal Expo
01/10/15Springfield, ILThe Blue Grouch
01/10/15Decatur, ILDecatur Bridal Show
01/09/15Decatur, ILDecatur Bridal Show
01/04/15Bloomington, ILElegant Bridal Expo
01/03/15Springfield, ILPrivate Event
12/31/14Bloomington, ILDaddio’s
12/11/14Springfield, ILChristmas At The Curve
12/05/14Decatur, ILLock Stock & Barrel
11/26/14Bloomington, ILVFW Post 454
11/14/14Springfield, ILMowie’s Cue
11/14/14Springfield, ILWDBR On Air w/Julie Jacobs & DJ Blake
11/08/14Athens, ILThe Boar’s Nest
10/31/14Bloomington, ILVFW Post 454
10/17/14Jacksonville, ILClub 217
10/16/14Springfield, ILThe Curve Inn
10/11/14Springfield, ILWeebles
10/10/14Decatur, ILSliderz
09/28/14Springfield, ILSouthside Christian Church Big Block Bash
09/26/14Jacksonville, ILClub 217
09/13/14Lake Forest, ILPrivate Event
09/06/14Springfield, ILWedding
08/29/14Decatur, ILLock Stock & Barrel
08/02/14Decatur, ILDecatur Celebration
07/26/14Bloomington, ILDaddio’s
07/26/14Bloomington, ILKillarney’s
07/12/14Bloomington, ILDaddio’s
07/05/14Champaign, ILBoomerangs
07/03/14Springfield, ILQuaker Steak & Lube
06/21/14Springfield, ILMowie’s Cue
06/21/14Springfield, ILPrivate Event
05/31/14Bloomington, ILDaddio’s
05/24/14Chicago, ILWedding
05/03/14Decatur, ILTimbuktu
04/19/14Decatur, ILVFW
03/28/14Decatur, ILTimbuktu
03/22/14Decatur, ILLock Stock & Barrel
02/08/14Springfield, ILCrows Mill Pub
02/07/14Decatur, ILTimbuktu
12/31/13Springfield, ILMarly’s Pub
12/21/13Decatur, ILTimbuktu