About Fun DMC

Mashups + Medleys + Mixtapes

Our formula is simple: Mashups + Medleys + Mixtapes = a great time and a memorable event. Building on a selection of songs designed to keep the dance floor moving and the drinks flowing, Fun DMC has proven time and time again that they can deliver a unique performance that no one else in the midwest is doing.

Ever wonder what it sounds like to mix Beyonce and the Chili Peppers together? Michael Jackson and Usher? What about Billy Idol and Pink?

We dared to find out and the results are something original and more fun than the original songs could ever be on their own. Fun DMC can keep this up all night, peppering in popular dance hits from every genre and decade alongside spectacles such as a 15 minute 80′s pop medley, a 12 minute throwback hip-hop joint, or literally handing everyone a polaroid picture to shake during the bridge to “Hey Ya”.

Fun DMC is perfect for any event where you’re wanting to constantly surprise your audience with something different and entertaining played by seasoned professional musicians who are no stranger to corporate events, private parties, fests, clubs, or weddings of any size.

Fun DMC is:

… with guest performances by Liz Chrstofilakos (lead vocals), Lindsay Bolsen (lead vocals), Michael Sawczak (drums), and Fred Sauermann (drums).  Fun DMC is proud to have previously featured Albert Capati (lead vocals), Aaron Stanley (bass), Paige Martin (lead vocals), Sam Davis (lead vocals), Brian Armstrong (bass), Aaron Eversole (drums), and Jen Dowell (lead vocals).  Previous technical support from Callie Stanley, Scott Kinkade, Mason Wickham, Bill Schnake, and Matt Crocker.